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Margarita's Inappropriate Tea Party - Walters - Nov 9

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MARGARITA 🌼 with her INAPPROPRIATE TEA PARTY 🫖has great ability to make you feel seen, soothed, giggled and accepted at these simply sensational events. Her sensual soul has been hosting connectional tea times across Ireland, with a mission to re-appropriate the inappropriate! Cultivating sexual health, liberation and relational harmony. Coming to our senses, to strengthen our instincts and our intuition, as we follow our curiosities to satisfaction.

Margarita finds greated joy in somatic expression, on dance floors, in the nuance of writing, poetry, acting and creating safe spaces to shed shame and pave a path of permission, trust and access to greater pleasure. 

Margarita has a deep embodied connection in the study of Sensuality, Somatic and Shamanic practice and finds her deepest healing and happiness on the connective dance floor of life and loving relationships.
IG: @margarita.morfy



Date: Sat, Nov 9th
Showtime: 3pm (doors 2:45pm)
Venue: Walters
Tickets: €26 plus booking fee


- Numbers are limited
- No refunds allowed
- No recording the show